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Warning: what follows contains literally tens of pictures of bears.

Bears playing.Bears yawning. Bears walking. Bears lying down. Bears chilling with magpies. Bears staring off pensively into the distance contemplating the meaning of life…probably.

You have been warned.  Photographing a bear was on my bucket list, and I scratched that sucker off and then some.

But but BUT I promise if you stick around through the bears, some musk ox and a few wolves will be waiting for you. Maybe even some caribou…and Darnell.

Is there snow on my butt? Because I feel like there’s snow on my butt…

Sharing a secret…

Why do I feel like the one on the left is about to bust out a triple time step?

Ok. Enough with the bears.

Musk ox serving up Blue Steel. It’s hard to be ridiculously good looking.
Arctic Fox
Was not the face I expected to go with that body, but still very cute.
Inner monologue: Ok, Jacki. Wolves are not dogs. Do not pet the wolves. Repeat: DO NOT PET THE WOLVES.


Such sleepy puppers.

SMC (single male caribou) seeks SFC. Hobbies include standing around in my own poop and the poop of others, obsessing about my asymmetrical rack, and badminton.

My nose totally fits through here. I do this all the time. Trust me.
A guy tried to pick me up at the moose pen by asking me what I did for a living. “This.” I said. “I’m a professional moose photographer.”
I couldn’t tell who was more embarrassed: the guy, or the moose.
Needless to say, Darnell was not amused.