on the road again…| dominican republic | santo domingo, santiago, la vega, y higuey

I honestly feel like the best way to learn about a new place is to drive it. And I’ve spent a ton of time driving this week. Here are a few of my favorite shots**:

Santo Domingo, DR

En route from Santo Domingo to Santiago, probably around La Vega…


This was not the only time I got stuck behind a banana truck. It happened twice. Also once behind a pick-up truck full of pineapples.

This afternoon, I made the 5+ hour drive from Santiago back through Santo Domingo to the resort in Punta Cana. My GPS had some, ahem, challenges, and took me on a couple detours through small villages, up pot-hole ravaged roads, past a ton of goats and cows and finally through Higuey…

OH! I also got stuck behind horses.

¿Como ahora vaca marrón (y vaca blanca)?
¡Muchas vacas!

**traffic is super STOP and go in the cities, with an emphasis on STOP. I took all of the above photos from the driver’s seat, but when the car was not in motion. So stop worrying, Mom.