on the road again…| montana | great falls


I'm assuming they're referring to the legal kind...
I’m assuming they’re referring to the legal kind…

Great Falls 21 (1 of 1)

Great Falls 22 (1 of 1)Fun fact: there are tons of vintage/antique stores in Montana. Another notable Montanan business model: the casino combo.  Some popular iterations:

  • the gas station / casino
  • the restaurant / lounge / casino
  • the liquor store / casino
  • the taxidermist / casino
  • the laundromat / casino
  • the feed store / casino

Yup. “Put a casino in it” is the Montanan version of Portland’s “put a bird on it.”

Great Falls 23 (1 of 1)

I promise I didn’t add any filters to these pics. I was in Great Falls toward the end of August, during that last spate of wildfires. Not only did it smell as if someone was burning leaves IN my hotel room, but the sky took on this brown-ish/orangey smoky tinge. It gave the entire area an eerie ambiance.

Great Falls 25 (1 of 1)

Great Falls 26 (1 of 1)

Great Falls 27 (1 of 1)

Great Falls 24 (1 of 1)





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